Finding your way

The My Dental CPD training programme is delivered online so it may take you a few minutes to find your way around the site.

Getting Started

Register by clicking the Log in / Register button and entering your details, making sure you keep a record of your user name and password. Read the terms and conditions and off you go. If you experience any problems please call a member of the team on 01732 371570 or e-mail

Course Structures

The My Dental CPD training programme is split into study courses representing 1 hour of CPD, followed by a short exam to demonstrate you have fully understood and retained the information gained by reading the study course. To pass the exam and to be able to down load a certificate, you must achieve 100%. You will have a maximum of four attempts to complete each exam. When a study course and exam has been successfully completed it will automatically be added to your CPD log and progress bar which is found in My Profile.

The My Profile button

This is an important button, here you can update your account details and monitor your progress through the CPD cycle. It will show you how many hours you have completed and how many you need to undertake to complete your CPD cycle. It also keeps a record of all the courses you have taken and those you have purchased but have yet to take. You can also down load your certificates from this page.

Moving through the study course

You can move through each course by using the navigation bar on the left side of the page or by scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking on the ‘next page’ tag using the arrows at the top of each page. It is very important to read each page carefully as you will have to answer questions when you reach the end.

Taking the exam

An exam can be accessed from the left hand navigational bar or via the Exam tag located at the end of each study course. Clicking on this will take you to a set of multiple choice questions about the study course you have just read. You need to answer all the questions correctly to pass the exam. Your exam will be submitted and marked immediately. Once an exam is successfully completed it will automatically be logged on your My CPD Progress bar and you will be able to download your certificate for that course from the MY Profile page. You must get all the answers right before you can download your certificate. If you get any answers wrong you can take the exam again. Please note you have a total of 4 attempts to get all the questions right and pass the exam. You are able to re-read the study course before each exam attempt. Remember to go to the My Profile page to download your certificate. You do not have to do this immediately, as all information is stored for you.

Buy additional CPD courses

When you have completed your free CPD you can buy additional courses by clicking on the ‘Courses’ button. Here you can select CPD course on a broad range of topics including Highly Recommended / Core and Recommended subjects. You can buy CPD in units of 1 hour, bundles of 10 or 15 hours or full cycle bundles.

Upload your previous CPD activity on to your My Dental CPD log

The chances of starting your new CPD cycle the day you register with My Dental CPD is very slim. Therefore My Dental CPD has been designed so you can upload any previous or future activity onto your CPD log, even if it hasn’t been undertaken on the site. Go to the ‘My Uploaded CPD Activity’ button on the My Profile Page and add your CPD this will then be added to your CPD log

Other sections on the My Dental CPD training programme

The ‘News’ button: Click on the News button and you will find the latest news from the dental sector provided by Dental along with the details of seminars events and other market specific information

Log Out

When you have finished training, just log out by clicking on the button.